Hey girls, welcome back once again. It’s time for another interesting post for you and it is “Must visit Places in Jaipur part 2”. (OH YES! :D)

But first things first! A big Thank you to all for giving so much love to my blog and me. As a result of which I crossed a benchmark of 1000 followers on my Instagram account and the fact that my blog views have also gained an increase. I have always believed that even a tiny achievement in what you love to do can boost you up and surely it has! I was too happy to see my dream turning into reality slowly & slowly in such a short span. Therefore, I will be putting up my next post celebrating this victory and now I promise to be as regular with my posts as I can and also will be experimenting a lot. 😀
So coming back now and controlling my happiness let’s get started with another Jaipur tour! 😉

Jaipur has a timeless appeal in its colorful bazaars that delights for its Rajasthani hand-looms and trinkets. Hence it won’t be wrong if I say that Jaipur is a treasure trove for shoppers. The exotic blue pottery, the batik painting, block printed textiles of Sanganer and Bagru, tie & dye fabrics, Mojari- (the local shoe), etc is all what Jaipur contains.

In this post I would be talking about the must visit places for a shopping freak like me. So, that in a less time one can get enough variety and stuff to choose from.As we saw in the previous post I had already listed three markets. It’s time for the next ones!

Also guys in my previous post many of you asked me to give you the price of the things I bought and asked me about the specific shops to shop from. Well, the answer to this is that you have to have the bargaining skills. Jaipur has a lot of variety and once you step into any shop they would tell you high prices seeing that you are a visitor. Then is the time for you all to wear your bargaining skills coat. It totally depends upon  how much can you bargain thus it won’t be wrong to say that it’s like entering sarojini nagar flee market. That’s one of the key to shop in Jaipur.

 Let’s Begin then :

I.  Nehru Bazaar:

Like any other market in Jaipur you will find almost all kinds of things here in Nehru bazaar. It’s a heaven for people who love shoes like me. It is famous for the joothis or the mojaries or the shoes in Rajasthani style. The more tempting thing than finding the very alluring joothis is that you can bargain a lot here. For Rajasthani shoes, this is a must visit market in Jaipur.







II. Chandpole Bazaar:

This is the market that you can visit for buying traditional handicrafts, carved marble items and handloom textiles. You can also buy beautiful handicraft items, wooden sculptures as well as stone sculptures. You can also invest in carpets, turbans and much more. Chandpole Bazaar is one of the best handicraft markets in Jaipur.









III. Saraogi mansion:

It’s a small mall where you can find everything like readymade garments, artificial jewellry,fashion accessories,sarees,lehengas ,wide range of makeup and beauty stuff ,all types of bangles, fancy or bridal or trendy,footwears and many more. Though I didn’t have much time and so here I spent only half an hour. I loved the bangle collections that this mall contains.Saraogi is definitely a must visit place.Brand like Nikhaar creations , Pratap & Sons can be found in Saraogi mansion. It’s just the place for those people who don’t like travelling much and want everything at the same place. You get all in this shopping complex.







IV.Sireh Deori:

The longest bazaar in Jaipur it is. Sireh Deori market is famous for leather shoes and slippers, wooden puppets, colourful fabrics, Jaipur quilts and many more items.  DO not miss out MIRZA ISMAIL ROAD which has stalls and shops for blue pottery, jewellery, fabrics, antiques, carpets, and wood items.  Though I would like to tell you guys that this is the only market that has the best quality things and the prices are mostly fixed.










So that’s about it. This was the end to my JAIPUR tour.Thanks for reading guys. See you in my next post.IF you go to JAIPUR don’t forget to visit these places. I promise you won’t be disappointed at all. Also another mention to this wonderful shop in Baapu Bazaar by the name of “ASHOK TRADERS” is a must visit. This shop is really good guys so if you visit baapu bazaar do go there and JUST do not forget to bargain; else he will charge you a lot. You can also like and comment if you liked the post.Until next time take care and Keep smiling. 😉

Love xoxo

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